Public Sector

Public Sector, Policy, Financial Institutional Governance Reforms

1991 UNDP/ADB Joint Evaluation Mission on  Bangladesh Shilpa Bank (BSB) and Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha  (BSRS)
1993 Evaluation of Stabex-Funded Development Programme in Samoa
1993 Formulation of Pacific Regional Economic and Financial Management Project
1995 AusAID Country Effectiveness Review : Samoa
1995 Western Samoa Public Works Institutional Strengthening Study
1997 Strengthening Aid Co-ordination & Management Systems : Republic of the Marshall Islands
1997 Review of Public Sector Reforms and The Reclassification of the Public Service : Samoa
1998 Tariff Review : Electric Power Corporation
1998 Samoa : Policy and Strategic Planning Paper, Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Meteorology
1998 Review of Tumua and Pule Petition to Government : Samoa
1999 South Pacific Forum Economic Ministers’ Meeting (FEMM) : Eight Principles of “Best Practice” for Public Accountability : Stock-Take Questionnaire for  Samoa
1999  Workshops on South Pacific Forum Economic Ministers’ Meeting (FEMM) Principles and Corporate Governance
1999 Samoa Legal and Regulatory Environment for the Corporate Sector
1999 Review of Institutional Arrangements Samoan Fisheries Division of  Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Meteorology (MAFFM)
2000 Preparation of the 1998 World Bank Pacific Regional Report ‘Enhancing the Role of Government in the Pacific Island Economies’ : Samoa
2000 High-Level Regional Consultative Meeting on Financing for Development
2000 South Pacific Forum Economic Ministers’ Meeting (FEMM) Workshop on Effective Government
2000 “Cultivating Financial Transparency in the Pacific: A Conference for Financiers and Journalists”
2000 United Nations Centre for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) : Preparation of The Action Programme Least Developed Countries (LDC) III : Submission for 2001-2010 – Samoa
2000 AusAID/NZODA Research Project on  Harmonising Donor Practice in the Pacific Region
2001 IMF-PFTAC Conference on Financial Sector Stability and Development “The Case of the Pacific Island Countries”
2003 Membership of the Project Monitoring Group for AusAID Institutional Projects: Samoa
2003 AusAID Review of Institutional Strengthening Projects Survey
2004 Implementation of Urban Planning Project : Sanitation and Drainage
2004 Globalisation and Trade and Impact on Pacific Women
2005 ADB TA: 4513-SAM Strengthening SOE Corporate Governance
2007 ADB TA: 4513-SAM Strengthening SOE Corporate Governance
2007 ADB TA:6245-SAM: Strengthening Pro-Poor Policy in the Pacific
2007 Transport and Infrastructure Sector Reform Strengthening Services (Infrastructure Asset Management Programme IAMP) through Pacific Consult
2008 Mid-Term Review of the TALAVOU Programme and the National Youth Policy 2001-2010.
2008 Pacific Telecommunication Conference, Samoa, 10-11 July 2008
2008-2009 ADB TA:6399-REG Special Evaluation of ADB’s Support for Financial Management and Public Sector Reform in the Pacific
2009-2010 Samoa Tourism Authority  Governance and Planning Project (including Tourism Development Plan, Tourism Law Review and Reform, Tourism Economic Impact Assessment)
2011 Development of a Sector Wide Education Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF), Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture, Government of Samoa
2011-2012 National Tourism Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Samoa 2011-2016 for the Samoa Tourism Authority, Government of Samoa
2011-2012 Mainstreaming of Climate Change Adaptation Measures into existing Tourism Policies
2012 Development of the Finance Sector Plan (2012-2017), Ministry of Finance, Government of Samoa
2012 Review of the Public Administration Sector Plan (2007-2011) and Formulation of the New Sector Plan (2012-2017)
2012 Public Finance Management Expert: Samoa Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review
2013 Transport Sector Planning Expert for the Public Finance Management Reform Programme Phase 2 for MWTI and MoF, Government of Samoa (with Isikuki Punivalu & Associates)
2014 Technical Assistance to Develop Samoa’s Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) Tier Two Proposals for MCIL, Government of Samoa
2014 Feasibility Study of Establishing a Financial Institution
2015 Project Management Services: Samoa Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR): Enhancing the Climate Resilience of Coastal Resources and Communities (ECR) Project and Adaptation Fund (UNDP): Enhancing Resilience of Coastal Communities of Samoa to Climate Change
2015 Economy-wide Integration of Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management
2016 Senior Researcher for Financing for Development in the Pacific (UNDP)
2016 Team Leader for the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Update for Samoa for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Government of Samoa
2016 Independent Review of the Tokelau Economic Development Policy and Action Plan 2013-2015 for the Department of Economic Development, Natural Resources & Environment, Government of Tokelau
2017 Sector Planning Specialist for the Review of the Samoa Communications Sector Plan (2018-2022) for Adam Smith International
2017 National Study on Infrastructure Financing Commissioned by the United Nations – Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)
2017  Technical Assistance Towards the Trade, Commerce and Manufacturing Sector Plan 2012-2016 and Mid-Term Project Evaluation