Private Sector

Private Sector, Business Development, Business Re-engineering and Financing

 Year  Project 
1992 Packaging Funding for Private Sector Project
1993 Diagnostic Survey of the Western Samoa Industrial Sector
1993 Review and Project Formulation for Private Sector Development Programme: Kiribati
1993 Can Manufacturing Feasibility Study : Samoa
1994 Formulation of Small Business Enterprise Centre : Samoa (SBEC)
1994 Financial Restructuring of SMACK Feedmill : Samoa
1994 Packaging Funding for Private Sector Projects for the South Pacific Project Facility (SPPF) of the International Finance Corporation (IFC)
1995 Monitoring of Coconut Cream Manufacturing for Samoa Tropical Products (STP) : Samoa
1995 Feasibility Study of Development of Fruit Exports and Quarantine Facility : Samoa
1995 Feasibility Study of Vaitele Industrial Centre Development Project : Samoa
1995 Financial Restructuring of Western Samoa Shipping Corporation
1997 Review of Inter Island Passenger/Vehicle Ferry Boat of the Samoa Shipping Corporation : Samoa
1997 Survey of Wood Based Industries :  Samoa, Solomon Islands
1997 Formulation of the 1997 – 2000 Strategic Plan – Samoa Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) : Samoa
1997 Pacific Regional Energy Market Survey
1998 Samoa Rural Electrification Programme of the Electric Power Corporation – Post Project Monitoring
1999 Samoa Private Sector Development Survey
1999 Tuvalu Private Sector Development Survey
1999 Fiji Private Sector Development Survey
2000 High-Level Regional Consultative Meeting on Financing for Development
2000 Asian Development Bank (ADB) Small Business Development in Samoa
2000 Samoa Health Financing Study
2000 Privatisation In Samoa
2003 Regional Climate Change Adaptation Financing Facility
2003 Establishment of the Small Business Loan Guarantee
2003 Survey for Wholesalers
2003 FAO Roundtable Meeting on Implications on Agriculture of Multi Trading System
2003 Country Policy Profiles FAO
2003 SBEC Review of Strategic Plan and Drafting of new Plan
2003-2004 Online Investment Promotion for Pacific Island Countries (IPAWorks Website Development and Management )
2003-2005 Pacific Enterprise Development Facility Technical Advice (formerly known as the South Pacific Project Facility)
2003-2006 CDE Antenna (Protocol of Agreement)
2003-2016 Aggie Grey’s Beach Resort Samoa Ltd: Establishment of Resort,
Capital and Debt Raising, Corporate Services, Project Management, Board Secretariat and Negotiations for International Hotel Management
2004 Handholding Assistance for ACP  Intermediary Organisation and Enterprises,  Pro-Invest
2005 Survey of Clients in Arrears for SBEC
2005 Waste Water Treatment for the Samoa Breweries Ltd
2006 Submission of Excise Taxes and Customs Duty on Beverage Alcohol Products for Samoa Breweries Ltd
2006 Valuation and Prospectus for Local Exporting Fishing Company
2006 Development of Ground Handling Services for the Samoa Airport Authority through Pacific Consult
2007 Project Formulation Study for the Community Development and Income Generation in the Rural Area
2007 Development of a Financial Proposal for Le Lagoto Company Limited
2007 Proposal to Government for Assistance under the Tourism and Hotel  Development Incentives Act 2003 for a new tourism accommodation operation
2007 Regional Small Medium Enterprise Development
2007 Asau Port and Albacore Rehabilitation Study for the Forum Fisheries Agency
2003-2007 Establishment, Fundraising and Management of the Pilot Samoa Venture Capital Fund for the ADB, IFC and EIB
2007 Review and Assessment of Private Power Generation Proposal for the Electric Power Corporation
2007 Investment Due Diligence for Popo Samoa Ltd
2007 Advisory services and due diligence for the Purchase of 100% Government of Samoa Capital in the Samoa Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).
2007-2008 Development and Financing for Bottled Water Plant
2008 Telecommunications Benchmarking Study for Samoa
2008 Telecommunications Benchmarking Study for Fiji
2008 Technical Expert for the Regional Small, Medium & Micro-Enterprises Forum in the Pacific: Private Sector Enabling Environment Facility
2008 Telecommunications Economic Impact Assessment Study for a Local Service Provider
2008 Support for the Regional Small, Medium & Micro-Enterprises Forum in the Pacific
2008 National Bank of Samoa Lending Department Staff Training – Financial Statements, Financial Ratios and Interpretation
2008 Financial Analyst for the Preparation of a Medium Sized Private School for Sale
2008 Preparation of a 5 Year Business Plan for a Small Manufacturing Business
2009 One Year Independent Review of the Private Sector Support Facility 2008-2009 and the NZAID Tourism Tsunami Re-Building Programme (TTRP)
2009 Rapid Assessment of the Impact on Tourist Accommodation Businesses and the Tourism Sector
2009 World Bank East Asia Pacific Enterprise Survey Samoa for Mekong Economics, Vietnam)
2009 Regional Private Sector Brochure
2009 Telecommunications Benchmarking Study Update for Samoa
2009 Japan Grant Aid Application for the Development and Extension of Asau Wharf
2009 Samoa-Australia Partnership Agreement: Private Sector Growth and Employment for the MPMC, Government of Samoa
2009-2010 Polynesian Blue Joint Venture Post-Completion Monitoring and Evaluation for the CIA
2010 Samoa Ports Authority National Seaports Development Plan and the Japan Grant Aid Applications for the Development and Extension of Aleipata Wharf and Salelologa Port
2010-2011 Samoa Airport Authority 20 Year Master Plan and 5 Year Business Plan (with McCormick Rankin Cagney)
2011-2012 Development of an Investment Memorandum for a Medium-Sized Deluxe Resort
 2013 Remuneration Review and Human Resources Development Plan for a NGO
2014  Development of a 5 year Business Plan for a medium-sized standard hotel
2015 Tourism Sector Performance and Outcome of the SHA Survey for Rehabilitation of Financially Stressed Tourism Properties
From 2013-2016 Aggie Grey’s Beach Resort Samoa Ltd: Establishment of Resort,
Capital and Debt Raising, Corporate Services, Project Management, Board Secretariat and Negotiations for International Hotel Management
2017 Facilitation for Establishment of Manufacturing Operations in Samoa and Development of an Incentives Proposal to the Government of Samoa
2017 Incentivising Business Establishment at Vaitele through Former Yazaki Factory Redevelopment for OSM and NZMFAT
2017 Private Sector Development Policy and Design for AECOM and NZMFAT
2017 Development of a Refinancing Proposal for a Boutique Tourism Accommodation Operation
2017-2021 Project Accounting Support to the Samoa Aviation Investment Project (SAIP)