Human Resource Development

We understand the expectations of effective human resources from personal and professional experience and intimately understand the professional experience, skills and requirements that are needed for effective leadership of a dynamic organisation. Respectively the KVAConsult team has been Chairs of numerous boards that have been responsible for the shortlisting and appointment of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in government departments and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

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Business Development and Reengineering

We understand the need for businesses to keep abreast with current market conditions and financial trends, as well as change and innovation, where business development and re-engineering are often about the right advice at the right time. Respectively the KVAConsult team has been involved in the business development of the Aggie Greys Beach Resort-Samoa Limited, re-engineering of various high end private sector enterprise clients and private sector strategies and policies for Forum Island countries. To improve the focus of the advisory services, KVAConsult will continue to undertake strategies and policies for business development at the national and sectoral levels whilst PVCM will be positioned to focus on business development at the enterprise level.

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Public Sector Reforms & Governance 

We understand the need for change and accountability in the Public Sector as well as the necessary requirements for effective communication, collaboration and management of the expectations of all stakeholders involved in the process of reform and good governance. Respectively the KVAConsult team has been involved in the various aspects of public sector reforms and good governance from the realignment of the Public Works Department and development of the Institute of Directors in Samoa to enhancement of the governance processes of Government procurement systems of the Forum Island Countries.

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Strategic Development Planning

We understand the needs of public and private sector entities to undertake effective strategic development planning which helps an organisation articulate their own unique identity, and aspirations, ensuring that these objectives are clearly communicated to their intended audience. Respectively the KVAConsult team has been involved in the development of national sector plans, corporate and strategic plans for various clients ranging from SPREP to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

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Why Choose Us

KVAConsult are Financial and Economic Advisors that have contributed to the success of the Pacific for over 20 years. An ISO 9001:2008 certified consultancy firm that has the international expertise and experience of serving the Pacific in the Financial Management, Economic and Public Policy arena. Being Pacific based we have the proven experience of working with a diverse range of clientele and understand the cultural nuances, level of expectations and need for timely and well researched advice. KVAConsult operates with maximum flexibility in responding to the needs of clients, with its multi-disciplinary team of professional staff and access to a register of external consultants from various disciplines.